What Does K7-24 Mean to Us

K7-24 is more than just a dietary supplement; it’s a concept and merely the beginning for both the company and our customers. This product aims to provide professional support for anyone battling the demon of overweight and who sees it as time to act for their health by shedding a significant amount of weight.

Our company’s name, Goodwill Pharma, embodies our mission to deliver our goodwill-developed products to as many people as possible. On the other hand, the word „pharma” reflects the precision, extreme strictness, and restraint of the pharmaceutical industry against false promises. As doctors, we represent the Hippocratic values through our products. Goodwill also signifies business value; we went public to allow those who share our values to become investors in our company.


Body positivity or not, overweight needs to be addressed!

Do you know the most frequently repeated phrase in the doctor’s office? „You should lose weight!” And do you know the most common response? „I know!”

Yet most people don’t take action, hiding behind various excuses as to why they don’t. There is no magic bullet; it has to be decided in the mind. But once the decision is made, help is available.

The couple (both doctors of medicine) from Szeged did not turn a blind eye to the dangers of overweight and, together with a group of doctors, developed a revolutionary new diet support program to facilitate lifestyle changes.

Goodwill Pharma, a pharmaceutical company based in Szeged, has for 27 years chosen the mission of manufacturing vitamins and dietary supplements in addition to medicines that truly serve as solutions to patients’ problems.

The world is changing rapidly, people are living longer, but at a high cost.

Two opposing things are happening simultaneously in terms of quality of life. One is that we have to do less and less for relative prosperity: almost everyone has a place to live, a car, some education, a job and enough to eat. We can travel to distant places with relative ease. Access to basic goods is not a privilege but an abundance in developed societies.

The other is that the long-term maintenance of a comfortable life suddenly becomes very expensive. We realize this burden when trouble comes, either with age or the onset of some disease.

Mirror, Mirror…

„This may not be a popular statement, but the mirror does not lie! Two and a half billion people worldwide are overweight! The number of overweight people is increasing every year, which is particularly worrying because being overweight is a significant risk factor for our health. It’s no wonder that the most common medical advice when you go to the doctor is to lose weight. We treat the subject as taboo so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. We can talk about accepting ourselves, but is it worth it? We are playing with our health! Something has to be done about obesity!” –

emphasizes Dr. Ferenc Jójárt, founder and owner of Goodwill Pharma.

„K7-24 is more than just a dietary supplement; it’s a concept and just the beginning for our company and our customers. Our product is designed to provide professional support to anyone who is fighting the demon of overweight and feels it is time to take action for their health by losing a few pounds. The decision to lose weight is made in the head, but the temptation begins in the stomach. Changing one’s self-image is a neurological process that requires the rewiring of neuronal connections. It is a long and very hard road full of temptations.”

A little overweight easily becomes obesity. The mainstream media supports this by creating the body positivity trend that suggests accepting yourself as chubby or fat because you can still be cool.

This is true, but it is a deal with the devil, because it comes at a very high price. That price is your health and, if you are lucky, an early death. If you are less fortunate, you may have to live with paralysis from a stroke or mental defects, or with damaged knees or spine, confined to your room. They have introduced the plus size and even that comes in XS (after XXL).

Numerous studies have shown that obesity is not only a precursor to cardiovascular disease but is also associated with most cancers. Diabetes and its complications cause great suffering for individuals, families, and our communities.

Overweight must be addressed!

„Without internal drive, it is very difficult to succeed in anything” – says Dr. Mária Kardos, Communications Director of Goodwill Pharma, who is unstoppable in creating a better quality of life. In a grand show, they presented their latest system to support good quality of life to representatives of the medical profession and media communicating quality lifestyle.

„We certainly agree on one thing. It is a good thing to be energetic and healthy. We also hope to stay that way into our 80s or so, and if we avoid major accident-prone areas, we have a good chance of achieving that. Those who struggle with overweight and obesity think the same way. But statistics show otherwise. Relatively few overweight people live to be 80. According to the European Health Survey, 68% of the Hungarian population is overweight. Overweight and obesity pose enormous health risks in the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and musculoskeletal disorders.” – warns Dr. Kardos, highlighting the complex problem of obesity affecting our nation.

Goodwill Pharma has set out in a direction that aims to provide the right guidance for long-term healthy living. In the world of nutritional supplements, health maintenance and prevention are key. Most people still turn to these products when something has gone wrong and they need help. Prevention and recovery begin with nutrition. The new product group offers help in this area.

The Visual Appearance of the Product

Special attention was given to the visual appearance of the product. For this task, award-winning fashion and lifestyle illustrator Jason Brooks was tapped. Brooks, who has worked with Chanel, Coty, Jo Malone, Lancôme, L’Oreal, Revlon and Vogue, created the image for K7-24. The product suggests an idealized state that we know is not necessarily a goal for everyone, but it inspires the thought that success is possible.

„The K7-24 product and brand is both a concept and a stand-alone brand that represents only a specific starter package at this time, but will be supplemented with additional products to support lifestyle changes.” – Dr. Kardos continued. Food manufacturers whose products are compatible with the nutritional values represented by Goodwill Pharma can join in the use of the trademark.

This means using whole, primarily plant-based ingredients and striving to minimize the use of flavor enhancers and preservatives. Preferably, it does not come from the other side of the world, and its price is proportional to its impact on health.

The company’s name, Goodwill Pharma, embodies the mission to bring products developed with goodwill to as many people as possible. On the other hand, the word „pharma” reflects the pharmaceutical industry’s precision, extreme rigor, and reluctance to make false promises. As doctors, they represent Hippocratic values through their products. Goodwill also represents business value; they went public to allow those who share their values to become investors in their company.

The product was introduced in a private show, where, besides the profession, celebrities and the media were also represented.

Jason Brooks, the Designer of K7-24 Diet Support System Graphics

Jason Brooks, the world-renowned fashion illustrator

Jason Brooks, the world-renowned fashion illustrator, artist, illustrator, and writer, is the creator of the graphic elements of the K7-24 diet support system.
Since childhood, he has been interested in drawing and the arts,
receiving his first commissions as a teenager. Brooks studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College in London, then earned a master’s degree in illustration from the Royal College of Art.

„I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was a child, though I also considered a career in architecture. As a boy, I was obsessed with cars and Formula 1 and wanted to be a racing driver, but art was a more realistic passion. This led to Saint Martins Art College and the Royal College of Art, both in London. It was a wonderful time; I gained a lot of experience and traveled extensively. I often took my sketchbooks with me and drew countless pictures” –Brooks said in an interview with Miférfiaknak.

During college, he traveled extensively, filling his notebooks with colorful drawings and paintings.

He won a scholarship, thanks to which he researched Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and Central America. He also visited Turkey, Morocco, Kenya, Italy, and New York. Living in London’s Portobello and Notting Hill neighborhoods in the 1990s was also crucial in shaping his aesthetic style. Travel and lifestyle are recurring themes and sources of inspiration for Brooks.

After completing his master’s degree, he immersed himself in the fashion world, working for fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, The Face, and Visionaire. These experiences laid the foundation for his later career.

Jason Brooks was one of the first fashion illustrators to use computer technology in his profession.

His works combine life experience and imagination, providing a perfect communication tool for many luxury lifestyle brands.

Jason’s first book, Paris Sketchbook, was published in 2013, starting a series of colorful travel diaries depicting different cities around the world. The following London Sketchbook was published in spring 2015, winning the V&A Museum Book Illustration Award in 2016, followed by New York Sketchbook in 2017, completing the „City Sketchbook” trilogy. Jason designed, wrote, researched, and illustrated the content of these books.

Brooks creates commissions worldwide, enjoying adapting his glamorous, creative, and distinctive illustrative style to advertising and commercial projects.

„My success is based on being 100 percent committed to my art. I believe the key for any artist is to be distinctive and recognizable. Once I’ve created my personal style or styles, making pictures is something I love doing, so I rarely find the work difficult. At the same time, I think true success comes from good collaborations and meeting people, which is exemplified by my collaboration with Goodwill Pharma, which is an especially exciting area” – said Brooks about the key to his success.

In 2017/18, he exhibited his works at the GRAY MCA Gallery’s locations in New York and London as part of an ongoing collaboration.

Jason Brooks’ works

Jason Brooks’ works often collaborate with advertising agencies, open to campaigns on all platforms, from print images to digital appearances.

His works have been exhibited in Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Singapore, New York, and London, and are collected worldwide.

His figures are beautiful people, with beauty, cosmetics, and makeup at the forefront. His clients include Chanel, Coty, Jo Malone, Lancôme, L’Oreal, Revlon, and Vogue.

He also deals with calligraphy, creating handwriting for publishing and advertising projects.

His experiences at fashion weeks support the creation of bold and impactful fashion images. In character design, his imagination, figure drawing, and fashion and narrative sense prevail.

He has a large illustration archive that can be licensed for interior design and retail projects.

He often designs product packaging as well. He has created creative concepts for over 100 Hedkandi music albums, which have sold more than 6 million copies. He has a proven sense for designing attention-grabbing covers and packaging.

„Our world is full of different colors, words, and images competing for attention. In design, the first task is to stand out and be clear and visible. Elegance and simplicity are important; therefore, I prefer a minimalist approach, avoiding unnecessary frills. If someone chooses a product with my illustration or design, I hope it will communicate with them and be attractive because it is somehow different from the others on the shelf. Photography can become commonplace and boring, so the originality of illustrations is important because a clean, fresh brand identity can highlight the company” – emphasized Brooks.

In collaboration with Laurence King Publishing, he illustrated and wrote the „City Sketchbook” trilogy. His works have also appeared in books such as 100 Years Of Fashion Illustration, New Icons of Fashion Illustration, and Fashion Illustration Now.

BBrooks views window design as three-dimensional illustration and is comfortable with developing design concepts and executing finished artworks.

Jason Brooks and K7-24

„The Jójárt family greatly appreciated and collected my works, and our collaboration started from there. It has been fantastic working with them from the beginning. Our first conversations started when they visited my studio in Brighton on the south coast of England. They are lovely people to work with, and I was impressed by their professionalism and very thorough creative approach to K7-24.

This was a collaboration based on communicating the benefits and modernity of K7-24, so we worked together on the brand and colors to highlight this. The women I often portray have a certain look that seemed to perfectly fit the brand, so my role was to provide personality and uniqueness.

The guiding principle was essentially the expression of individuality and desire for a healthy, balanced life. Our goal was a new distinctive look,” – Jason Brooks described his introduction to Goodwill Pharma and the development of the K7-24 concept.

We asked what the K7-24 project means to Jason Brooks.

„Good health is an essential factor that ensures the energy and vitality needed to thrive in life.

It is an honor that my works are connected to K7-24, and through them, I can be part of the mission to support and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The artworks I created reflect the joy of life, dynamism, and the joy of good health embodied by K7-24” – Jason Brooks shared his thoughts on the K7-24 diet support system.